A birthday to remember....

... with "Marilyn Monroe" singing you a specially custom tailored song.

Imagine yourself being JF Kennedy during his 45th birthday in 1962. Marilyn sang "Happy Birthday"  to him with a soft and sultry voice. The middle of the song was - written especially for the occasion-  to the tune of Thanks for the Memory (see bottom of page) .

Memory will write and sing a custom tailored song to you. For example:"Thanks Dolce and Gabbana; for the wonders you design, they are like diamonds not like rhines, your collections and your lines , they make women shine, we thank you so much " .

Marilyn was wearing a dress that was so tight that she had to be literally sewn in. The dress was covered with rhinestones and was auctioned for 1.26 million dollars in 1999. Memory Monroe has an exact replica of this dress and the fur coat Marilyn was wearing while walking on stage.


Christmas party with Marilyn Monroe lookalike

Enjoy the best birthday party that you can ever experience in your life...!

Memory Monroe on your birthday