"You are so much like Marilyn Monroe!"

After hearing this wonderful compliment several times I started reading and studying Marilyn. The more I read about her the more I realized what a special woman she was. She possessed a unique combination of innocence, playfulness and seduction. Her starring role as the "dumb blonde" was just that – a character invented by Marilyn – and very far removed from the private woman who was sensitive, quick witted and intelligent. There is so much to tell about this extraordinary woman – a true Icon of Hollywood. I am so honored to resemble her in many ways. In the blog section of the "memories page" I will regularly post interesting facts and information about Marilyn and my experiences as Marilyn Monroe tribute artist.

Marilyn Monroe Double

"Her incredible resemblance but especially Memory Monroe's warm personality make you feel like you have just been transferred in to a Hollywood movie or a beautiful dream"

Does your dress billow up, like Marilyn's?

The two images that come to many people's minds when they think of Marilyn Monroe are a sweet-voiced Marilyn singing "Happy Birthday, Mister President" and a Marilyn who poses in her white dress which billows up on the streets of New York in a scene from the film "The Seven Year Itch". It is always a very exciting moment when this scene comes to life and everyone can feel like one of those photographers in New York in 1955.
Although these two images are a vital part of the Marilyn Monroe experience it is the personal attention and improvisational talent of Memory that make both men and women delighted and entranced, while believing they are spending precious time with Marilyn herself.

Billowing white dress Marilyn Monroe impersonator

"Memory Monroe is indispensable when you want to leave a lasting impression!"

All over the world countless events are organized daily. With these events a lot of energy, care and money is spent. You want to be sure you are able to book unique entertainment that complements your event, and justifies your efforts and investments. Memory will directly discuss and plan her role with you, without the intervention of an artist agency. This guarantees you receive the most successful Marilyn Experience tailored specifically for your event.

The following variety of clients agree: Memory Monroe is indispensable for a birthday, anniversary, opening show, corporate event or any other occasion where you want to leave an everlasting impression.

Options and booking

You'd like to book Memory Monroe for your event.
Because your valued guests deserve special attention, you are booking this world famous Marilyn Monroe tribute artist. She is at your service and happy to help you choose the right ingredients that will turn your event into a delightful experience.